In the Community – Winter 2021

Our Non-Profit Community Spotlight

The Arc of the Quad Cities

The Arc of the Quad Cities

You have invested in yourself. You have funds that will provide you with the essentials to live your best life, and if you’ve done things right even leave something for the next generation, bridging one generation to the next. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities rely on support for their lifetime. The Arc supports and invests in people with disabilities, helping them grow into their full potential and participate in their own communities.

The Arc promotes the equal treatment of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in community life. It supports an individual’s interests so as to make available their full productive and creative capacities. The Arc has been serving the Quad Cities Area since 1952 and is proud of its accomplishments in making the Quad Cities a more welcoming and inclusive place for everyone to live. The Arc’s vision is that all people’s abilities will be valued and respected by the community so every person has the opportunity to achieve their best life. 

In honor of this vision and of the legacy of The Arc’s upcoming anniversary in 2022, we are proud to announce the establishment of two endowments that will provide a secure and permanent source of funds that strengthens and provides stability for The Arc’s services and supports. 

The Arc has established The Arc Emergency Assistance Fund at The Moline Foundation which will provide assistance to people served by The Arc who need direct financial assistance on an emergency basis. The Arc has also established The Arc of the Quad Cities Iowa Endowment which will support Enhanced Horizons and the Arc of the Quad Cities Iowa Holiday Party.  

The Wilber L. Burress Endowment provides supports The Arc of the Quad Cities Area’s services and supports. The endowment is managed by the Wilber L. Burress Trustees. 

In 2022, The Arc will have reached 70 years of making positive change. We have just over a year to reach our goals to raise to raise $70,000 in all endowments, so that the next generation of people with disabilities can enjoy the dignity of full social acceptance and the opportunity to explore their potential. 

You can use your voice and your investment to uphold the dignity of people with disabilities with your support. Visit The Arc’s website at for more information on how your legacy and investment can uphold the rights of others. Or call 309-429-6067 to learn how you can be a part of a better tomorrow.