Local Business Spotlight: PCT Ebeam and Integration

Discovering an Innovative Local Manufacturer

By Corey Martin, Vice President, Commercial Banker

PCT LogoWhen I first heard about PCT Ebeam and Integration, all that I knew was that they occupied a commercial building in Northwest Davenport. Prior to meeting them, I had no clue this building was even there. Upon meeting Karl Swanson and the rest of the owners of PCT, I now know just how interesting this business really is. I had no clue we had someone right here in the Quad Cities that was producing the type of product that they produce. 

PCT produces machinery that integrates into manufacturing lines. These machines use the power of electrons to actually alter or strengthen the molecular structure of items that we use every single day. For example their machines can take thin, weak plastic and turn it into the shrink wrap film that protects a block of cheese or can be made into the bag used for blood transfusions. Their machines are also used to dry the ink on your favorite cereal box. They can be used for special printing and coating applications, curing paint on the lids of steel buckets, surface sterilization, protecting the paper layer of laminated furniture, and in the production of painters’ tape. What is most interesting about PCT is that they take on challenging projects and work with their customers to customize a machine designed to do whatever they need it to do. They frequently evaluate new applications and find new uses for their technology.

As a commercial banker, one of the fun parts of my job is learning about new companies, businesses, and products that I would have otherwise never known about. PCT is the perfect example of that. I am proud to have had the chance to learn about their business and what they produce and ship to companies around the globe. What they do is truly fascinating and it’s happening right here in our community.

To learn more about PCT, visit their website at https://www.pctebi.com/

Corey Martin

Corey Martin

Vice President,
Commercial Banker and Economic Development Division Lender

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