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Custody Services

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Northwest Bank’s Investment Management Group will help you deliver the Bank Sweep Manager® program to your customers with “perfection.” 

We will serve as your third party custodian. As your third party custodian, we maintain possession of the pledged collateral as agent and on behalf of your customers. On a daily basis we compare your customers’ account balances and the aggregate balance of your marketable securities to ensure your account with us is adequately funded. Following this verification process will ensure that your clients are properly secured and in return you and your clients’ peace of mind that perfection is being achieved each and every day.

We will serve as a fiduciary. We have the fiduciary capacity to perfect security interest in the event of repurchaser default, thus providing your clients further peace of mind. In addition, this will help your organization be fully compliant, avoiding regulatory headaches.

In today’s market, every relationship is important and maintaining those relationships can be achieved by having the right products and the right tools.  Our professional staff will perfect your customers’ interest in the securities pledged and at the end of the day, you and your customers will have a properly executed sweep arrangement!


Investment Products
• Are not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency
• Are not deposits of or guaranteed by the bank or any bank affiliate
• May lose value