History of Northwest Bank & Trust Company

A long history of local, honest, reliable banking.

On July 7, 1941, with only three employees, Northwest Bank & Trust Company opened its doors for business at 1529 Washington Street, Davenport, Iowa, in the heart of “Germantown.” In 1953, the Bank moved down the street to 1454 West Locust Street. The original drive-up facility across the alley was then opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in 1960. The main Locust Street facility was modernized and expanded to twice its original size later that decade.

In 1968, Northwest Bank established a motor bank at 38th & Brady Streets to service Davenport’s fast growing commercial area north of Duck Creek. The facility was so well received that the Bank outgrew the location and in 1974 moved to the nine-story Northwest Bank Tower at Northpark.

In 1969, a Trust Department, now the Investment Management Group was opened.

In early 1981, Northwest Bank opened for business in the Bettendorf market. It featured the first drive-up Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in the area.

In 1982, a 6-story office building at the corner of Second and Brady Streets, downtown Davenport was opened. At the time, this building was the first major office building constructed in downtown Davenport in over 50 years. With the arrival of the farm crises, downtown Davenport began to struggle. Northwest Bank maintained its commitment not to abandon downtown despite the financial burden of maintaining their location. The Bank’s commitment not to allow its facility to “go dark” was fulfilled and a new tenant was finally obtained in 2006.

In 1996, Northwest Bank entered the software business with Bank Sweep Manager®.

In 2003, the 50-year old bank building on West Locust Street and its neighboring drive-up facility were razed and the current full-service facility was built on the same site.

On January 1, 2019, Blair, Westfall & Co. officially became a part of Northwest Bank, further expanding our total offerings

Investing in the Quad Cities Community

Since first opening, Northwest Bank & Trust Company has been a major contributor to the development of our community. Today, your hometown bank has the area’s longest continuous history of highly-trained, friendly professionals fulfilling its mission to create customer and shareholder value through product and service excellence.

Northwest Bank & Trust Company has deep roots in this community at a time when other banks, both local and regional, are just entering our market. People in and around the area have come to know us. They know who we are and what we stand for – honesty, integrity and confidentiality. Life really is easier and more secure when you bank at the area’s most reliable, flexible, responsive, and convenient provider of quality personal service.

Since 1941, there has been one constant – our belief that customers prefer fairly priced products and services that come from someone they know and trust. This is our past. It is also our future. Thank you for being a part of both.