Investment Management

Building your financial future from our experience and investment principles.

At Northwest Bank & Trust Company, we believe our main goal is to successfully meet our clients’ investment objectives. In order to accomplish this, we recognize that there is a correlation between risk and return. We employ sound judgment with a disciplined approach that is consistently applied utilizing contemporary methodology.

What You Can Expect from Us

Whether you are an investor that prefers safety and the volatility of the stock market keeps you up at night or you are a seasoned investor that is accustom to the market fluctuations, your Portfolio Manager will work with you to develop an individualized plan that fits your risk tolerance and personal needs.

Each client will have a team of three dedicated investment/estate professionals:

Your Portfolio Manager is located right here in the Quad Cities and is a trained investment specialist. Your Portfolio Manager will listen to your individual investment needs and ensure your dollars are invested in a manner that can accomplish your financial goals.

Your Trust Officer is also located here in the Quad Cities. Your Trust Officer is an estate-planning specialist who can assist you in many ways including

  • Providing guidance on estate planning and facilitating discussions between you and your attorney.
  • Serving as your Executor or Trustee
  • Providing you timely updates on regulatory or tax law changes that could influence your investments and estate plans.

Your Trust/Investment Administrator will serve as a back-up to your Portfolio Manager and Trust Officer and will help satisfy those daily needs that appear from time-to-time. Perhaps you need transfer money to your checking account, need a duplicate statement, or need some information for your accountant, your Trust/investment Administrator is only a phone call away.

The Advantages of Working with a Fiduciary

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At Northwest Bank & Trust Company, we are held to a higher standard and required by law and regulation to adhere to fiduciary principals. This means we always act in the sole interest of the client, avoiding conflicts of interest and carrying out our duties with prudence, loyalty and care. It also means putting the interests of the client ahead of our own interest, and disclosing any material conflicts of interest.

  • At Northwest Bank’s Investment Management Group, our staff does not receive commissions for buying and selling securities in our clients’ accounts. Because our fees are based on the value of the account, our interests are aligned with our clients. We have a vested interest in seeing that your account performs well and grows.
  • Our portfolio manager has the “luxury of time” to allow an appreciating portfolio to continue uninterrupted without pressure to disrupt performance to generate personal income.
  • Our staff does not receive individual compensation for recommending one security over another.
  • We are not solely dependent on in-house research. We can use a consensus of the best minds on Wall Street.
  • Bonds are not selected from a limited in-house inventory. Our staff has access to the entire bond market, seeking out the most appropriate bonds at the best prices for clients.
  • There is no pressure from underwriting of equities or bonds that must subsequently be sold to institutions, and clients, regardless of appropriateness for their portfolio.
  • We have lower trading costs for individual clients than the average broker. We can utilize institutional trading rates which in return enhance total returns.
  • We are not attempting to push specific funds. We do not have our own family of mutual fund investments. This allows us to select the best mutual funds for our clients.

We are committed to the traditions of trust management and fiduciary responsibilities. Our operational systems are designed and our personnel are trained to see that these responsibilities are discharged properly. We do this job and do it well; we do it every day.

Our Investment Principles

  • We believe a longer-term time horizon should be applied to most investment judgments.
  • Investment returns should be consistent with the clients’ expectations.
  • Prudent diversification among and within asset classes will be dictated by the client’s investment objective and risk tolerance.
  • Quality and liquidity are key inputs into the risk control process.
  • We believe that common stocks will be the major asset class utilized in achieving most of our clients’ long-term investment objectives.
  • We believe that bond investments can be used to modify portfolio risk and to meet income, cash flow, or total return client objectives.
  • Structured investments are effective in achieving risk controlled asset class exposures.
  • All investment decisions are based upon sound fundamental analysis, or replicating a benchmark index.


We believe that the measure of our success is meeting the clients’ objectives.

Contact Our Team

Our highly qualified team of investment and trust professionals has over 150 years of financial management experience. If you are looking for a long-term financial partner that tailors investment services to your objectives, we invite you to contact anyone of our Investment Management Group team members.


Our Investment Management Team’s services are available at any of our locations.