It is rare to work with a bank that truly understands economic development

“I have done loans with a lot of different banks throughout my career, but what really set this one apart is the unique relationship. My lender, Linda Wunsch, had a background in economic development, and that made everything easier. It is rare to work with a banker with such a vast knowledge of TIFs and how they impact the total deal structure. It was easy to include her in my conversations with the city which made everything go more smoothly. It actually felt like she was part of my team, helping me put my deal together.

Keystone on 8th was a particularly complicated deal with a lot of obstacles to overcome. Northwest Bank had a team of people working to bring it to the finish line. It was a great collaboration. I felt like the bank wanted the project to happen as much as I did. I look forward to continuing to work with Northwest Bank for my TIF lending – in fact, we’re already working on another project.”

Joe Cordaro, President
JGC Holdings